Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Our Mural Adjustments Form As You Stroll By way of It


“Area Oddity” is the results of the merging of our expertise as graffiti artists with our research in graphic design, and anamorphic strategies, which we’ve been experimenting with in city settings and deserted industrial amenities for the previous few years.

Ranging from musical inspiration (the music “Area Oddity” was recorded in 1969 by David Bowie), we created this site-specific art work mixing it in its architectural and chromatic environment, an extended symmetric hall inside a big and luminous facility.

Thus, the colours are contemporary and stress-free, while from an aesthetic standpoint our inspiration comes from Holbein and Da Vinci’s anamorphic experiments, in addition to extra trendy types of geometric and summary art work.

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Area Oddity from one standpoint

Actually Design, “SpaceOddity”. Painted on the Northface and Vans headquarter in Stabio (CH), 2015.

Area Oddity as you progress additional

Area Oddity from one other angle

One other perspective of the mural