Thursday, August 24, 2017
Home Buzz Awkward Half-Cat Evokes Hilarious Photoshop Battle (15 Pics)

Awkward Half-Cat Evokes Hilarious Photoshop Battle (15 Pics)


Sure, how canine would put on pants and what color is that costume are questions worthy of the Web’s undivided consideration, however that was earlier than Awkward Half-Cat. Did this cat imply to descend the steps however acquired drained half-way, or did it start resting on the highest step and solely then start to soften down the steps?

This Photoshop Battle will hopefully reply these query! The place will Awkward Half-Cat find yourself subsequent? Participate on this  problem! Submit your individual photographs, or vote in your favourites!

The Unique Picture


#1 Samaracat


#2 Portalcat


#three Dali Cat

Dali Cat

#four Damned!


#5 New Flooring Mannequin

New Floor Model

#6 Catsnail


#7 Gaga Cat Hat

Gaga Cat Hat

#eight Mounted!


#9 Already On Amazon

Already On Amazon

#10 Trump Hair

Trump Hair

#11 Cloudy Sky

Cloudy Sky

#12 Cat.exe Has Stopped Responding

Cat.exe Has Stopped Responding

#13 Nightmares


#14 Two-legged Cat

Two-legged Cat

#15 Cat Stress-free In A Bubble Bathtub After A Lengthy Day

Cat Relaxing In A Bubble Bath After A Long Day